When installing CA Common Services r14.1 using CA Chorus Software Manager, the SMP/E ACCEPT may fail if PDSFAST is executed instead of IEBCOPY. PDSFAST issues a series of messages due to an invalid LRECL of AEF5SDF.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The AEF5SDF dataset is created with DCB LRECL=0,BLKSIZE=80 which causes a problem for customers using PDSFAST.  PDSFAST will issue several messages beginning with message

PDF0236A  AEF5SDF DCB RECORD LENGTH IS INVALID  which causes the ACCEPT to fail.  


The SYSPRINT of the ACCEPT displays the following messages: 


 PDF0236A  AEF5SDF DCB RECORD LENGTH IS INVALID                                                                         

 PDF0165W  COPY STEP WILL BE BYPASSED DUE TO ERROR                                                                      

 PDF0189I  END OF COPY STEP 1       - RC(8)                                                                             

 PDF0120P  JOB PERFORMANCE:   .08 ELAPSED,  .01 TCB CPU,  1 EXCPS                                                       

 PDF0199I  END OF PDSFAST EXECUTION - RC(8)                                                                             


In order to resolve this problem, CA Chorus Software  Manager (CSM)  must be prevented from using PDSFAST.  There are two actions necessary.  

The first is to edit the caimsm.SAMPLIB(MSMLIB) member and add the following statements:







Secondly, add the following DD DUMMY statement to the JCL for the MSMMUF, MSMDBSRV, and  MSMTC tasks:




This will disable PDSFAST and CSM will execute the necessary ACCEPT steps using IEBCOPY.


Lastly, ensure that the AEF5SDF dataset is defined with DSNTYPE PDS.



Once the changes are made, recycle MSMTC and retry the install.