When in a SYSPLEX, does turning on EXIT(ON) control option turn it on for all systems in the sysplex?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How activating the installation exit is handled when running CA Top Secret in a SYSPLEX.


We are SYSPLEX and would like to know if the exit(on) option when that is turned on does it turn on for all system in the SYSPLEX?

Is this a CA Top Secret parmfile keyword or does the exit stay in the same state across IPL's.

Is it ok for the exit to be executing on only 1 SYSPLEX? (Separate loadlibs)


Every time CA Top Secret initializes it reads the TSS parmfile which contains all the configurable security setting for CA Top Secret including EXIT(xx).

So having it on in one system sharing the SYSPLEX doesnt turn it on for all. Unless of course all the systems share the same TSS parmfile. If they have separate TSS parmfiles, then it would only on for the systems that have EXIT(ON) in their individual TSS parmfiles.

Yes its OK to have TSSINSTX only running on one system.