When I try to install the EDBA agent to Unix from my Windows NT workstation it fails with the message "rexecd: 0826-604 login is not correct". I know I entered the login correctly. Do you have any suggestions?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This message indicates that the client workstation is not allowed to do a remote execute to the host. Due to security reasons this may not be allowed.

  • Check with their Unix admin to see if rexec is allowed. The rhosts file in Unix may need to be updated to allow this or the rexecd daemon may need to be started.
  • To verify if rexec works from the client workstation enter the following command at a DOS prompt:
    <<rexec <hostname> -l <userid> -n date >>
    (Should return date from UNIX).
  • Install on NT, FTP to UNIX. A remote exec can run programs on UNIX from NT, so there may be security concerns. AIX disables remote execution by default.