When I run "pdm_server_control -t" to query the server type, it returns "ERROR: This program is not used for this configuration"

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The "-t" parameter of the "pdm_server_control" command can be used to check the Advanced Availability server type.


When I run "pdm_server_control -t", the result is:

This program is not used for this configuration.


Why is an ERROR returned?  What does this indicate? How can I determine the server type? 

CA Service Desk Manager 12.9 and above

The message indicates that the server is not an Advanced Availability server type; rather, it is a Conventional server type: a Primary server or a Secondary server.

"pdm_server_type -t" only successfully returns the server type when the server is an Advanced Availability type of server. 


To confirm the type of configuration, you could review the file named "config.properties" that is in the $NX_ROOT\site directory of the server. 
Important Note: Do not make any changes to this file.

In a Conventional configuration, the value of "config.server_config_type" is  set to "standard" in $NX_ROOT\site\config.properties.  For example:


Additionally, when the Configuration tool is running, the following messages are written to $NX_ROOT\log\configure.log:

02/14 22:43:14.562 INFO  ConfigThread.java      225 ## config.server_config_type :standard
02/14 22:49:32.870 INFO  CompleteTask.java      263 Value of general.configuration_type (primary)
02/14 22:49:32.870 INFO  CompleteTask.java      291 ServerType detected as : Primary

Alternatively, in an Advanced Availability configuration, the following statement would be present in config.properties:


Additional Information:

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