When I attempt to do a scratch immediate via the CA 1 ISPF panels it abends with SB78.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using the CA 1 ISPF Utilities panel to do a scratch immediate for a specific volser, it does scratch the tape, but then it abends with a SB78 and OAM is not updated to show the tape as a scratch tape.


CA 1 any release and IBM's ISPF.


The ISPF interface for CA 1 was not completely set up.


The cause for the abend is that 2 modules, TMSIOCAP and TMSSCR, must be in authorized status to work properly.

For instructions about adding authorized programs to the TSO environment see the TSO Customization Manual. If using SYS1.PARMLIB member IKJTSO00, add the program names TMSIOCAP and TMSSCR to the AUTHPGM and AUTHTSF entries. If using the TSO table CSECTs, add the program names TMSIOCAP and TMSSCR to the IKJEFTE2 (APFCTABL), IKJEFTE8 (APFPTABL) and IKJEFTAP (APFTTABL) CSECTs.

This is in the Installation Guide under "How to configure without CA CSM, Update SYS1.PARMLIB".


If you use IKJTSOxx you can dynamically implement a new member by using the MVS SET IKJTSO=xx command, or the change to IKJTSO00 will be implemented at the next IPL.

If you use the TSO tables then an IPL is required to implement the change.