When do you project can we expect the GA release of r19?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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IMS Version Support


When do you project can we expect the GA release of r19? 

IMSv14, and our IMS-Tools R19

The only Release of our IMS-Tools that has support for IMSv14, is our IMS-Tools R19. Our Tools R18 (even with PTF's does not have the support for IMSv14, 

R18 only supports IMSv11, IMSv12, and IMSv13. 


IMS Tools r19 will continue “incremental” until ~October 2017



Additional Information:

Over the past ~15 years, IBM has been releasing DB2 on a very strict cadence: every 2 years, in October [complementary information]. 

IMS 14 was GA in October 2015, thus we expect IMS 15 to go GA in October 2017. 

Since IBM announced Continuous Delivery Model for DB2 12, we can also expect that IMS 15 will use similar “Incremental” approach. 

Simply said, we are awaiting IMS 15 GA date, to turn IMS Tools r19 “Full GA” (aka. “Mature”), and start IMS Tools r20 “incremental”. 


IMS Version Support 


                 IMS 11 **IMS 12 **IMS 13IMS 14IMS 15 * 

IMS Tools r16VV        V      X      X 

IMS Tools r18VV        V       X        X 

IMS Tools r19XV       V        V        X 

IMS Tools r20 *XX        V       V       V 


* IBM IMS 15 and CA IMS Tools r20 is not yet available. 

** IMS 11 and IMS 12 are no longer supported by IBM. 


End-of-Support Information 

IMS Tools r16 : End-of-Service for r16 was announced and will be effective on 31st March 2017. Customers still using r16 need to upgrade soon to either r18 or (preferably) to r19. 

IMS Tools r17 : This release never existed. We skipped this release number (and jumped to r18) as a mean to “synchronize” IMS Tools and DB2 Tools release numbers some years ago. 

IMS Tools r18 : End-of-Service for r18 was not yet announced, but will be announced when releasing the first PAX file for IMS Tools r20 (in ~October 2017), with 12 month notice. 

?Aka. IMS Tools customers using r18 should be upgrading, either r19 or r20, by ~October 2018