When displaying program source using the CA InterTest for CICS LIST transaction, PF4 for PROFILE shows 3 choices for the FROM terminal: FROM=termid, FROM=.ANY and FROM=.NO. What is the difference between them and when should a specific setting be used?

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The CA InterTest for CICS LIST transaction displays the source for an application program but also provides the capability of setting breakpoints from the source as well.  There are a number of PF key assignments at the top of the display, one of which is PF4 PROFILE.  When setting breakpoints, acceptable entries for the "From Terminal ID" found on the LIST profile are a valid TCT (terminal id) entry, .ANY, or .NO. 


What are the differences between FROM=termid, FROM=.ANY, or FROM=.NO and when should each be used?

Actively monitoring and setting breakpoints in an application program using CA InterTest for CICS.

The From Terminal ID identifies where the program executes. The default for the From Terminal ID setting depends on your system's installation option value for DFLTUSER.

  • When DFLTUSER=.ANY is in effect, the default is FROM=the terminal displaying the source listing. This value can be also changed to specify a specific terminal id different from the current terminal. However, program monitoring and the breakpoints will only take effect if the transaction is initiated from the specified terminal id.
  • When DFLTUSER=SPECIFIC is in effect and you are signed on to CICS, the default is FROM=.ANY. This entry tells CA InterTest for CICS to monitor the program when it runs from any terminal wherever you are signed on to CICS.

However, FROM=.ANY is also valid with DFLTUSER=.ANY. The program will be monitored and the associated breakpoints will display when the task is initiated from any terminal or even without a terminal.

On the other hand, FROM=.NO is more specific. Program monitoring and the associated breakpoints will only take effect when the program runs as a background transaction without a terminal. Please bear in mind that if FROM=.NO is used, the BKPT Terminal ID, (the terminal that receives the breakpoints), must specify a valid 3270 terminal. If set to .ANY or .NO, the task will abend with an INTE abend when the first breakpoint is encountered.

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Refer to the description of the From and BKPT Terminal IDs found in the section entitled Customize the Source Listing Profile found in the: