When creating or updating a Status Report and pressing the “Save and Return” button, CA PPM returns the #501 error message

Document ID : KB000073183
Last Modified Date : 14/03/2018
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Users are unable to create a new status reports or edit existing ones, because CA PPM returns an error 501 when clicking on the Return or Save and Return buttons,
The return URL on the Status report instances has got corrupted.
Please copy the URL into notepad++ and have a look at it.
Please see below a sample URL:


Note the part of the URL:

Based on the URL ID, run the following select query:
Run query: 
select * from cmn_actions where action_code like '%5034017%' 
This will return a row where you will get a value at the PRINCIPAL_ID column. 

Using the principal_id column value, run the next select:
Select * from cmn_sec_users where id = 5007015 (id we got as principal_id)
Now you will have the details of the user id that generated the URL corruption

Steps to resolve the issue:
1. Log in as the PPM user we got form the latest DB query
2. Go to the user Favorites menu.
3. Look at the favorites and check the ones pointing to Status Report instances.
4. There should be one pointing to a Status Report that was and caused the orphan entry on the cmn_actions table, corrupting the Return URLs
5. Delete the favorite link as it is not needed any longer
​6. Once the favorite link is removed, the error is also fixed.