When creating multi-tenancy relationship in the Spectrum gateway probe, it will not save any changes

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Last Modified Date : 11/10/2018
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Below is the error message we get from the PPM probe when we try to save the configuration:

Oct 04 11:16:04:057 [attach_socket, ppm] Delegating handle_callback to probe at /GSK_UIM_PRD/US1_Prd_Pri_WT1/<primary_hub>/spectrumgtw
Oct 04 11:16:09:185 [attach_socket, ppm] Delegating set_ctd_configuration to probe at /xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/spectrumgtw
Oct 04 11:16:09:190 [attach_socket, ppm] Got NOT OK response, called /xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/spectrumgtw.set_ctd_configuration(    crdta=�ȱ�0�e�l    �qZ��5D'��:Q/��    .+~��an� Ex{�b< �(�9��C�P%A&?� eYÓ�Iɲq��":���K�1��e�t{�Z�?��m, crlen=2021) : got response =     status=1
Oct 04 11:17:57:753 [attach_socket, ppm] Delegating get_ctd_configuration to probe at /xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx/spectrumgtw
- UIM 8.5.1
- spectrumgtw v8.65 HF5
- Spectrum version 10.2.3
- spectrumgtw.cfg corruption/missing parameter
Assuming UIM v8.5.1 SP1, you should deploy the following packages to be safe from resultant errors or issues with the integration:

First, deploy-> Spectrum_UIM_Services v8.6.5.

- Then deactivate and then activate trellis probe for that to take affect.

- Deactivate AE
- Deactivate nas
- Deploy nas v9.03
- nas v9.0 will update the nas alarm tables that the ems 10.17 probe uses

Deploy the package-> topology-fault-correlation-9.00-20180620.112422-10.zip (attached to the case)

Under ems->custom, backup your actionrule.xml for safekeeping.

- Deactivate ems

- Deactivate spectrumgtw

- delete the ems db fiolder (alarm structure changed between ems 9 and 10 requiring this dir to be deleted)

- delete the spectrumgtw cache folder

- Deploy ems 10.17

- Activate ems

- update spectrumgtw to spectrumgtw v8.65 HF5

- Activate spectrumgtw

- Check the spectrumgtw log for errors /dispatcher errors

Here is a checklist of the versions required for Spectrum version 10.2.3:

- Spectrum_UIM_Services v8.6.5

- nas 9.03.674

- topology-fault-correlation-9.00-20180620.112422-10.zip

topo/fault corr was opening too many sockets and not closing them. So after a reboot the entire system could appear fine but over time it could become unstableso this is the fix for that issue.

- ppm 3.47

- ems 10.17

- spectrumgtw v8.65 HF5

Normally this error should not occur, but it came from the fact that one parameter was missing->

(Landscape_Sdc = landscapename).

Origin = hubname
Landscape_Sdc = <landscapename>

Somehow the file was modified. It was corrected manually by adding it.

Note: it is a good idea to maintain a backup of the the spectrumgtw.cfg.

- If such an error occurs as reported in this article, add only one entry manually, then after this add all from Configuration page UI. For multiple origin<->landscape mappings you can add more sections/entries for each origin.

If for some reason the entry goes missing, you can delete the spectrumgtw.cfg file and start the spectrumgtw probe again and it should be reestablished. Then you can configure the landscapename again.
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