When attempting to use SymDump System to view a dump, I receive the message "Possible Setup Error".

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am attempting to use SymDump System to view a dump.  This function was working as designed with z/OS 1.13, but after migrating to z/OS 2.1 (with no changes to SymDump System SysView) we are getting: "*** WARNING *** Possible Setup Error".

SymDump System was not able to establish a connection with the services API on this system.

Dump storage is not be available for viewing.

I have reviewed the steps recommended in SymDump System ISPF HELP RTOUBLE documentation, and everything checks OK.  SymDump System STATUS command shows:

SYSVIEW Services: Not Available


Review HELP TROUBLE in SymDump System to make sure SymSys/SysView GSS connection is established.

Also might be missing SysView z/OS 2.1 PTFs RO65963 and RO81774.

At the top of the CADVSREQ report, following message is printed: "GSV3702E+IPO1 JES configuration module not found for JES version 2.1".

GSV3702E IPO1 JES configuration module not found for JES version 2.1
A JES configuration module for system IPO1 could not be found. Assemble a configuration module using the JES libraries for the current system and update the JES PARMLIB member.

This is an error message produced by SYSVIEW.  The very same message is obtained by SymDump System when doing the SYSVIEW Services check.  SymDump does not know all SYSVIEW messages and once it receives an error message it reports the service as not available.  It is possible it might work, but SymDump System always reports it as a problem with SYSVIEW connection once an error message is received.