When attempting to register an Oracle Application directory (FND option), the 'Select responsibility' dialog box is empty.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When attempting to register an Oracle Application directory (FND option) on eTrust Admin Manager, the 'Select responsibility' dialog box is empty, resulting in the eTrust Admin Manager being unable to populate the FND directory.

There is no additional error information in any of the available log files.

The empty responsibility list is usually due to the 'NLS_LANG' parameter not being set correctly.

This document describes a common resolution as well as troubleshooting guidance.


Correct the NLS_LANG parameter on FND Directory Properties GUI

  1. The NLS_LANG parameter should be exactly same as the character set setting of the Oracle Server, to identify the default database character set on Oracle Server, please run:
    SQL> select  userenv('language ') from dual;
  2. To check the current NLS_LANG setting on eTrust Admin server, please find it in HKLM/SOFTWARE/ORACLE/ in system registry.

  3. For more information about NLS_LANG and Oracle client/server character-set, please refer to the Oracle manual and Oracle's NLS_LANG FAQ page.

If the problem persists after correcting the NLS_LANG parameter, please go through the outlined steps below to check the cause:

  1. Set correct NLS_LANG environment variable
  2. Run the following SQL statement in SQLPlus and see if a correct responsibility list returns:

    Note: Please substitute the correct My_FND_ADMIN_USER_NAME above.

  3. SELECT APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME,        RESPONSIBILITY_KEY, SECURITY_GROUP_KEY,        r.DESCRIPTION, ur.START_DATE, ur.END_DATE,       APPLICATION_NAME, RESPONSIBILITY_NAME, SECURITY_GROUP_NAME FROM fnd_user u, fnd_user_resp_groups ur,      fnd_responsibility_vl r, fnd_application_vl a,       fnd_security_groups_vl s WHERE a.application_id = r.application_id AND       u.user_id = ur.user_id AND       r.application_id = ur.responsibility_application_id AND       r.responsibility_id = ur.responsibility_id AND       ur.security_group_id = s.security_group_id AND       UPPER(U.USER_NAME) = UPPER('My_FND_ADMIN_USER_NAME')