When attempting to perform Insight commands such as Show or Start a request, get a NAT0082 error: INSTART 0460 NAT0082 Invalid command, or Subroutine INITNINP does not exist.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After doing a STOW of a program or CATALL of the Natural library, now get NAT0082 errors of programs such as INSTART and INSHOW referring to subroutines INITNINP and INCALLER.


The error can indicate any number of various programs and indicates various Subroutines do not exist. However, the Subroutines do exist in the INSIGHT or SpaceMan Natural library; you can edit the subroutines and STOW them but Natural still does not recognize that they exist.

There is a linking mechanism that ties the long Subroutine name from the PERFORM statement to the actual Subroutine object name in the FUSER file. Somehow this connection gets corrupted or wiped out during the STOW or CATALL.

To rebuild the link between the programs and subroutines:

  • Using SYSMAIN copy the affected Natural library - INSIGHT, APASHIST, or SPACEMAN, to a temporary library name such as INSIGHTX, APASX, or SPACEX.

  • Delete the affect Natural library - INSIGHT, APASHIST, or SPACEMAN.

  • SYSMAIN Copy the temporary library back to the original Natural library name - INSIGHT, APASHIST, or SPACEMAN.

  • Test the effected application to verify that the NAT0082 error has been resolved.

  • Delete the temporary library.

The SYSMAIN Copy utility rebuilds the directory connections in the library to resolve the NAT0082 errors.