When attempting to import a CA Business Intelligence (CABI) BIAR file, it fails with an error "Failed to open the BIAR file".

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When attempting to import a CABI BIAR file between CABI environments (i.e. from development to production) using the Import Wizard, the following (or similar) error message appears and the BIAR file fails to import

"Failed to open the BIAR file. Reason: com.businessobjects.sdk.biar.om.internal.iw.ObjectManagerIWException:Required dependencies not found on target system:

 	'[AZVXOgKIBEdOkiXzUuybja4, AWcPjwbDdBxPoXPBOUCsKkk]' 

Note: CUIDs displayed in the error message (e.g. AZVXOgKIBEdOkiXzUuybja4) would be different depending on the CABI objects type(s) being imported.

If the CABI Enterprise Administrator account is used to import the BIAR file, the above error does not occur.


The problem is caused by lack of permissions for a user specified as a username of the destination environment in the Import wizard on the components of the BIAR file that is being attempted to import.

In order for the BIAR file to be imported properly, provide full control on the objects shown in the error message from the Central Management Console (CMC).

For example

 AQxIJpjkbaRBrhcMvtnHAT4 : Access Levels        AZVXOgKIBEdOkiXzUuybja4 : Connections  AWcPjwbDdBxPoXPBOUCsKkk : Universes

You can determine which object corresponds to the CUID on the message as per below:

  1. Click on START -> ALL PROGRAMS -> BUSINESSOBKECTS XI 3.1 -> BUSINESSOBJECTS ENTERPRISE -> QUERY BUILDER or access http://(BOXI Server):(BOXI port)/AdminTools. Provide a username/password who has CABI Administrator privileges

  2. Type the following query and click on the SUBMIT QUERY button. Ensure to replace the CUID with the real CUID which is within the error message during the import process

    select SI_NAME from ci_systemobjects, ci_appobjects, ci_infoobjects where si_cuid='<CUID>'e.g. select SI_NAME from ci_systemobjects, ci_appobjects, ci_infoobjects where si_cuid='AWcPjwbDdBxPoXPBOUCsKkk'

  3. The value of the SI_NAME returned is the object that needs its permissions changed manually via the Central Management Console (CMC) by looking at the Properties of the object and User Security.