When attempting to assign a team member to a task, the Resource list is empty

Document ID : KB000032878
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When attempting to assign a team member to a task, the Resource list is empty (or missing some team members) even though there are resources on the project team. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a project

2. On the Team tab, add one team member with a default allocation of 100% and another with 0% to the project


3. Click on the Tasks tab and create a new task. (Click on 'New', enter the required information and click 'Save'.)

4. Click the Assign button.



Expected Results: Both team members show up as available to assign to the task.

Actual Results: Only the resource with 100% Allocation shows up. The resource with 0% allocation does not show up.



This is due to the default filter value being set to 'No' for 'Zero Allocation'. Any resources with zero allocation to the project (defined on the project team tab) will not show up as available to assign to the task. 



A temporary workaround is to click 'Show All' which will reset the 'Zero Allocation' value to 'All'. The resource with 0% allocation will then show up. 


As a permanent fix if you would like to be able to assign resources with zero allocation to a task:

1. Go to Administration, Objects, Team, Views 
2. Click the 'Fields' link next to 'Resource Selection - Filter' 
3. Click the properties icon next to 'Zero Allocation'. 
4. Change Default from 'No' to 'All' and then click 'Save and Return'. 
5. To Publish the change, click on the General tab and then click 'Publish'. Note: Publishing will undo any personal configuration a user may have made on their portlet view. If a user has not customized their portlet, they will see the change immediately after saving. Publishing is not required for them.