When attempting to add a data source to NPC I receive a message stating the data source is linked to another instance of performance center.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After deleting and then attempting to re-add a data source in the NPC Data sources Administration page, you may receive a message like below:


This data source is registered to another instance of the NetQoS Performance Center. It must be deleted from that instance before it can be added to this instance.




NPC 6.1 and 6.2



This indicates the data source thinks it is bound to another instance of NPC, and cannot be bound again, as each time a data source gets added to NPC, it gets bound to it using a unique identifier during the registration process. Removing the data source from NPC does not reset this from the data source side.  This is also likely to happen if one of the servers has had an IP address change while it was bound to NPC or if the NPC's IP address has changed. 

This procedure should only be used in the event where a Data Source has already been deleted, and yet it still is stating that it is attached to another performance center.


1. RDP to the problem Data Source's Console server.

2. Open an internet browser and copy the appropriate link below into it for your product:

NetVoyant:                  http://localhost/pollerwebservice/productsyncws.asmx
UCM:                          http://localhost/VoIPMonitorWebService/ProductSyncWS.asmx

 3. On the productsyncws.asmx page, click the UnregisterPerformanceCenter link at the bottom. 



4. Click "Invoke" and and new blank browser window will open, which can be closed.



5. Open a command prompt and run "iisreset".

6. Go back to the NPC Admin->Data Sources page and attempt to add the data source again.



Additional Information:

WARNING: Unregistering/reregistering with NPC is destructive to group structure and should be avoided at any cost. Never attempt to unregister from NPC when the data source is in a sync failure state. Fix the sync failure first and then unregister if possible.  Unregistering and reregistering in this state will not fix sync issues and will likely make them worse.