When and how to use the CA Scheduler CAJUTIL0 Backup Utility

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Datacom backup utility is always recommended for normal backups of the CA Scheduler database. However, there are times when the CAJUTIL0 BACKUP command is suggested by CA Support. This document provides a sample JCL for the CA Scheduler CAJUTIL0 BACKUP utility and explains when to use it.


CAJUTIL0 BACKUP command copies the CA Scheduler database to z/OS sequential files. The BACKUP command processes the following CA Scheduler files:

  • CAIJMST (database including the History records)

  • CAIJTRK (active workload)

  • CAIJSTG (staged JCL)

  • CAIJDCM (workload documentation)


Here are some examples of the use of the CAJUTIL0 BACKUP:

Example 1 - Changing the CA Scheduler subsystem id from SUBSYS=SCxx to SCyy

When CAJUTIL0 BACKUP is executed, the current subsystem id is recognized in the JCL with the use of the //$$SCxx DD DUMMY statement. This will backup CA Scheduler subsystem id SCxx data only and the backup data will not contain the subsystem id field. These backup files can be restored into CA Scheduler with subsystem id SCyy.

Example 2 - Upgrading CA DATACOM or CA Scheduler

When upgrading CA DATACOM or CA Scheduler, CA Support recommends the CAJUTIL0 BACKUP for the CAIJMST, CAIJTRK, CAIJSTG and CAIJDCM in addition to the CA DATACOM utility backup.  CA Scheduler must be down and all users must log off CA DATACOM when performing the backups to prevent any updates to the database.

If you have more than one CA Scheduler subsystem in the same database, each CA Scheduler subsystem must be backed up separately.

Here is a sample JCL to execute the CAJUTIL0 BACKUP command:

//CAIJBST  DD DSN=caijmst.backup,DISP=(,CATLG),SPACE= 
//CAIJBRK  DD DSN=caijtrk.backup,DISP=(,CATLG),SPACE= 
//CAIJBTG  DD DSN=caijstg.backup,DISP=(,CATLG),SPACE= 
//CAIJBCM  DD DSN=caijdcm.backup,DISP=(,CATLG),SPACE= 
//*   Do not code DCB parameter 
//*   Backup file will have dcb=(recfm=vb,lrecl=32756,blksize=32760)
//*   Do not change the DDnames 
//$$SCxx   DD  DUMMY 
//*  $$SCHD is the default subsystem 
//*  Change $$SCxx to the subsystem name 
//SYSIN    DD  * 

Additional reading for the BACKUP command can be found in the CA Scheduler Job Management Command Reference, Chapter 2 Database Commands.