When an AutomationEngine CP/WP process is started -U0009907 Memory Dump Error Messages in CP/WP logs

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Affects Release version(s): 6.00A

When an AutomationEngine CP/WP process is started -U0009907 Memory Dump Error Messages in CP/WP logs
Detailed Description and Symptoms
When an AutomationEngine CP or WP process is started manually, a memory dump error message continuously appears in the logs causing it to grow very rapidly and the usage of the process is higher than the other server processes.

Example of the complete messages from the logs:

U1002200 Received an invalid message from partner '*CP004#00000002' via connection ''.
U1002210 Message with length '20111206' not allowed.
U0009907 Memory dump 'Invalid Msg from Connection 2' (Address='00527da0', Length='190')

00000000 32303131 31323036 2F303834 3435392E >20111206/084459.<
00000010 34343120 2D205530 30303939 30352027 >441 - U0009905 '<
00000020 37353938 3227206D 65737361 67657320 >75982' messages <
00000030 636F756C 64206E6F 74206265 20777269 >could not be wri<
00000040 7474656E 20746F20 74686520 6C6F6720 >tten to the log <
00000050 66696C65 2E0A3230 31313132 30362F30 >file..20111206/0<
00000060 38343435 392E3434 31202D20 55303030 >84459.441 - U000<
00000070 33343930 20436F6E 6E656374 696F6E20 >3490 Connection <
00000080 746F2027 31302E31 2E332E31 33323A34 >to '<
00000090 32323027 20696E69 74696174 65642C20 >220' initiated, <
000000A0 636C6965 6E742063 6F6E6E65 6374696F >client connectio<
000000B0 6E202731 31383430 39283529 270A >n '118409(5)'.<


If the AutomationEngine is using a multi-server configuration, this problem will occur if one or more of the hosts has multiple IP addresses.

Determine if any of the hosts in the multi-server configuration does more than one IP address by checking the hosts file in /etc/hosts for multiple IP addresses resolving to the same hostnames.

Note - Every hosts file has an entry for the IP address "", with the name "localhost" following it. This is also known as the loopback address. That same file should also have an entry for your system name.


For the AutomationEngine multi-server configuration to function correctly, all work processes, including the primary work process must be bound to the same IP address on a host in the multi-server configuration.

Here is an example:

Two hosts, HostX and HostY, with multiple IP addresses are used for the multi-server configuration.  The adjustments/entries similar to the following should be made to the 'ucsrv.ini' file on the individual hosts:


; Primary Port for WP


; Primary Port for WP

Another alternative is to use the "bindaddr=" parameter (see documentation for details).