When a Requisition is booked for a Resource having two allocation segments, one of which is zero (not null), the booking status is not Hard

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Last Modified Date : 04/02/2019
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1. Create a Project spanning from 01/01/2019 till 28/02/2019
2. Add a Team member to the project
3. The resource is allocated for 2 months 
4. In the Staff Member properties page, set default allocation to 0% 
5. From 01/02/2019 till 28/02/2019 create an allocation segment of a 100% 
6. Now you have two allocation segmnents: one at 0% and the second one to a 100%
7. Create a requisition for that resource 
8. Open requisition and Book that requisition 
9. Go back to the team tab and check the booking status

Expected result: Team Member has booking status "HARD" and Request Status "Booked"
Actual result: Team Member has a booking status "MIXED" because the zero planned allocation segment is not used for hard allocation 


1. Create a project that spans from 01/01/2019 till 31/03/2019.
2. Add a team member and set the allocation % to zero
3. Create a task and assign the team member with dates 01/03/2019 till 31/03/2019.
4. Add some ETC value for the month of March
5. Go back to the team tab
6. Select the team member and through the actions menu, click on "Allocate From Estimates"
7. On the allocation segments of the team member you have a zero allocations segment until March and a non zero segment for March
8. Create and Open a requisition for the member.
9. Go to the Team > Requisitions and book it 

Expected result: Team Member booking status is "HARD" and Request Status "Booked".
Actual hours: Team Member booking status is "MIXED"/"SOFT" (if no mixed allocations are allowed) and Request Status "Booked"
Scenario 1 is caused by DE39514 
Scenario 2 is under investigation through DE47205
DE39514 and is fixed within Clarity PPM 15.5
DE47205 is under Engineering investigation
Additional Information:
Note: The difference between both scenarios is related to the Allocate From Estimates action