Whats the procedure to change the database user name and password for SOI with Jaspersoft reporting

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Last Modified Date : 27/05/2018
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SOI 4.0 with Jaspersoft 6.3 How to change the username and password SOI and Jaspersoft use to connect to MS SQL database.
This is a consolidated document on changing SOI/Jaspersoft database connection information.
SOI 4.0
In the following procedure all the files have a database connection section in them. The database name, server name, user name, and password can all be changed in them. 

The specifics for the database user name and password are outlined below. 

First go to this link: 


Now all the files in this link need to be updated with just the new user name information. The passwords in these files will be update later in the steps below. 

Once the above is done go to this link: 


There are two sections in here, one to change Catalyst and one to change SOI. 

In the 'Change the SA Store Connection Password in all CA Catalyst Files' section while updating the password in these files change the user name also. 

In the 'Change the SA Store Connection Password in all CA SOI Files' you will run the utility to change the password for SOI. The user info in these files was updated by the first link sent so just the password will need to be updated here. 

To update user/password for Jaspersoft you need to do the following: 
1. Log into Jaspersoft. 
2. Click View, Repository and expand root, Public, ca, Service Operations Insight folder. 
3. Click the datasources folder, and edit the 'soi ds' datasource. 
3. Update the datasource 'User Name' and 'Password' fields and click Test Connection. 
4. Click Save after the successful connection.