What's the key/mouse sequence to select multiple devices to delete?

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Last Modified Date : 28/12/2018
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In the "Monitored Devices" GUI display on the CA Performance Center->Data Aggregator data source. I can delete a device one at a time. I want to delete a range. How do I do that?
CA Performance Management, all versions
You cannot do a multi-select and delete from the tree view, but you can from the search view. 

1) When looking at monitored devices, click the Search tab next to the Tree View tab. 

2) Enter your search criteria (name, partial name, IP address, partial IP address). 

3) Check *only* the boxes of what you wish to delete and click the delete button (note there is no way to un-delete items). 

Note that the list from the search view follows the standard shift+left click/ctrl+left click multi-select convention.

If you click on one device to select it and hold shift, and click another device name (not the check box) it will select the range between the devices. 

To select a non continuous selection, either click the checkbox to the left of those devices, or hold ctrl when selecting the names of those devices. 

You can also do this via rest: 



What you are doing above is deleting the items from the Data Aggregator (DA) data source. So the items will be seen in CA Performance Center (CAPC) until the sync process runs with the DA data source (if that is your only data source and the device only exists in that data source. 

You will see items in CAPC until the item has been deleted from all data sources and the sync process with those data sources has run. So say you also had Network Flow Analysis (NFA) as a data source, and the device was in both NFA and the DA. The device would be seen in CAPC until removed from both the DA and NFA.