What to do when the xFlow Weather icon does not show up only for some users?

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What to do when the xFlow Weather icon does not show up only for some users?



Once Heat on tickets is calculated, it is used to calculate weather / suggestions based on the weather, for each analyst.There maybe some scenarios where the weather icon does not show up for certain analysts. It works fine for other analysts.

This document gives some tips on what to do/how to fix this for the Analysts for whom the icon does not even show up as Sunny (even if those Analysts have high heat tickets associated to them to qualify as Sunny).

@NX_WEATHER_REINDEXING_INTERVAL=60    is an option in SDM options Manager. It's the length of time in minutes when Weather of environment is recalculated. If for some reason the weather processing calculation was taking more than 60 minutes before, there's a very high possibility that the next iteration of weather calculation starts interfering with the previously on-going one.


Let us consider a use case now - Analyst1 (weather does not show) and Analyst2 (weather shows up fine) are the users here. 



note: As we see weather working for some analysts, this document does not cover any items on if the Heat/Weather options are installed properly or not.


1) Identify if contact_uuid of Analyst1/Analyst2 has a record for weather in cnt_wx table or not

select contact_uuid from ca_contact where userid='Analyst1'

select * from cnt_wx where cntId=<the_value_from_above_query>


2) If the record is missing, then that's the reason why weather is not showing up for that Analyst1.  Analyst2 should have a record here as that user is able to see weather properly.


3) Now you can consider a few options to resolve this situation:

a) Increase weather_reindexing_interval from 60 to a higher value (you can set it to max first, 720 minutes and then decrease it later).  Restart SDM for this change to be effective 

Note: the heat:weather daemon, that requires the above change resides on Primary / Background Server.  So rolling maintenance maybe needed appropriately

b) See how long it weather processing takes to complete to get an idea on whether a smaller value makes sense above

c) Give more CPU + memory on the Background/Primary server, so that weather processing finishes much quickly. This is a very resource intensive operation (both memory and CPU wise)


A combination of all the above should now make Analyst1 and Analyst2  have records created in cnt_wx table.  This makes xFlow to display the weather appropriately for both analysts now.

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