What to do when Introscope Standalone Workstation Thick Client in Windows 7 won't launch.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When attempting to run the thick workstation client on Windows 7 or similar environments, you may encounter the following:

  • Nothing happens when selecting Introscope Workstation from Windows Programs Menu

  • Nothing happens when clicking Introscope_Workstation.exe from Windows Explorer

  • No errors or warnings are reported in Windows Event Application Logs


This happens with the following scenario:

  • The workstation is installed under Program Files and running on Vista or Windows 7.

  • Using a non-Administrator user

If this is the case, then a non-Administrator user will not be able to update and files stored in the installation hierarchy.

To resolve this, use one of these options:

  • Run the executable "Introscope_Workstation.exe" as Administrator.

  • Assign Local Administrative Privileges to the Workstation folder:

    Add Local Administrator and give full control

If the above is not possible due to local site policies, then configure running as a non-administrator account by doing the following:

It is helpful to have a brief review of how to allow the workstation to update the needed files after an installation. Files get uploaded in two ways:

  • On first execution, the workstation will download files to the config\internal\console\ws-plugins folder

  • During normal operations, the workstation will update local configuration files

The installation will be performed initially by an administrator user and both the above aspects can be addressed post-install.

An important step is configuring the Workstation to create configuration files in a non controlled location. To do this, modify the workstation lax file to define the location of the configuration files.

This requires editing the Introscope_Workstation.lax file and defining the -configuration location pointing to a location that can be updated by the user running the workstation


lax.command.line.args=$CMD_LINE_ARGUMENTS$ -consoleLog -noExit -product com.wily.introscope.workstation.product -name "Introscope Workstation" -install ".\\product\\workstation" -configuration "@user.home\\AppData\\Local\\Introscope\\configuration"

This causes the files to be written to "@user.home\\AppData\\Local\\Introscope\\configuration"

To download the required files to the config\internal\console\ws-plugins folder, either run the workstation once as Administrator after installation and after modifying the lax file.

Afterwards, running the Workstation by a non-Administrative user will use the already downloaded files.

Another approach is to simply copy the required files from a known location (which was taken from the config\internal\console\ws-plugins folder in a working environment) If needed, this can be scripted as part of an automated installation procedure.