What to do when a SARSTC SARPAR08 Message is Received

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A SARPAR08 message, defined as:

   SARPAR08  (CARD nnn) SEQUENCE ERROR IN TABLE - ID=xxxxxxxxxxxx  PRECEDES  ID=xxxxxxxxxxxx

indicates where in the ERO table there is a "/report-id ..." entry that is out of order.

The message is an indication that a start of the SARSTC task has stopped, due to the entries being out of order. As the table is searched top-down and in a sequential manner, it is necessary to have more specific entries come before generic entries.

The SARSTC task can be started once the ERO table is deemed to be in proper order.


The ERO table is defined in SARSTC with:


 where the statement points to a file or library member used for the table.


To verify the ERO table, use the following JCL:


//SARVERO  EXEC PGM=SARVERO,PARM='view_hlq[,TABLE]'   <=== Modify DB name

//STEPLIB  DD DISP=SHR,DSN=VIEW.CVDELOAD                    <=== Modify, if used

//SARBKLST DD SYSOUT=*                                 

//SARPATAB DD DISP=SHR,DSN=ero_table                             <=== Modify DSN for table


  In the above, a report is written to the file specified in the "//SARBKLST DD", similar to the Backup Cycle output found in the View SARSTC archival task.

  The TABLE option (PARM='view_hlq,TABLE') will execute only table syntax checking and will not do backup simulation.

  Note: The backup simulation may run for 30 minutes or longer.


A return of a U0001 error, from the SARVERO job, indicates that errors were found in the table.