what to do if IDMS CV becomes unresponsive

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Last Modified Date : 31/08/2018
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If the IDMS CV becomes totally unresponsive what are the steps to take to be sure we get support what it needs to determine the cause?
z/OS operating system
  If the CV is totally hung or if it shows high CPU usage and no users can connect and tasks become unresponsive,  first use the z/OS DUMP Console command to request an SVC dump for the IDMS CV Job/STC.
  This will write an SVC dump to a system dump dataset at the time the CV is unresponsive.

  Only after capturing the dump should you attempt to cancel any CV tasks (If you have a PMRM or OPER session active) or  cancel any batch jobs accessing the CV or  attempt to SHUTDOWN the CV.

  It is possible that cancelling tasks may free up what ever caused the CV to hang but if you do not first take a dump while it is hung there would be no way to determine why it was hung.

  The same goes for SHUTDOWN or SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE which may be successful.

  If cancelling tasks or shutting down is not successful and the CV remains hung, Cancel with dump.

   See KB000048365 for IDMS recommended dump options.
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