What to check when CA Detector did not collect Host Variables?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Did you know what you need to check when CA Detector did not collect any host variables?


There’s probably one of three reasons why you’re not seeing Host Variables:

1) The SQL Error concerned didn’t use Host Variables

2) The collection option does not ask for Host Variables to be collected. To check this:

a.    Go into collection options. Either pick Global Defaults, then press enter for more details and check at panel View Collection Profile Global Defaults the following settings:

Max Exception Requests captured per collection interval ==>  010000

Max Host Variable data captured per exception request   ==>  002500

Max Dynamic SQL Statement text captured                 ==> 013276    

Enable global dynamic SQL exception collection          ==> Y      

Enable global static SQL exception collection           ==> Y      

Enable global exception host variable collection        ==> Y      


b.    Go into the Application Profile, select an entry and check at panel View Application Group Plan Detail the settings:

Dynamic Exceptions  ==> Y

Static Exceptions   ==> Y 

Host Variables      ==> Y 

 3)  You may have started the collection without asking for Host Variables to be collected

      despite the collection options. To check this:

a.    Choose option 3 from the main panel (collection Status), type C for Collection Information against the subsystem, scroll to the bottom and check the settings for Collection options: 

SQL collection options: 
Standard Activity ==> Y (Y/N) 
Dynamic SQL Stats ==> N (Y/N) (Requires profile) 
View By Keys ==> N (Y/N) (Requires profile) 
Dynamic Exceptions ==> Y (Y/N) (Requires profile) 
Static Exceptions ==> N (Y/N) Exception cache size ==> 4000 
SQL Errors ==> Y (Y/N) (Requires profile) 
SQL Error Text ==> Y (Y/N) 
Host variables ==> Y (Y/N) (applies to all options)


You can also see this last data echoed in the PTXMAN started task when collection was started.