What tables are maintained by implementing the ALOGDEL member of CDBAPARM?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What tables are processed when one implements the ALOGDEL member of CDBAPARM to maintain the CA DB2 tools logging tables?



The CDBAPARM ALOGDEL member can be edited to specify the number of days to keep log records. One then needs to run the JCL from the LOG#ADEL member in hlq.CDBASRC to delete old log records based on the days specified in ALOGDEL.

The ALOGDEL job purges the following tablespaces and tables:

Tablespace Table PTITSLOG PTLOG_MAIN_# MAIN logging table PTITSSEC PTLOG_SEC_# RCS logging table PTRALGT7 PTLOG_RDAMSG_# Audit messages PTRALGT7 PTLOG_DASTATS_# Maintenance statistics
where # is a version number


The following are backup tables for restore processing if the above tables need to be restored after the ALOGDEL is complete.

These backup tables are populated during ALOGDEL processing: