What steps need to be taken to run CAIENF without a Database?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Under the former CA-Universe Database technology, the DCMs used by ENF were stored in the database itself thereby requiring the use of the database even though no events were being recorded.  If I am not recording events, how do I configure ENF to run without a database? 
Beginning with CA Common Services r12.0, the ENF Database became optional as the DCM definitions were moved out of the database and are now read in as parms processed at ENF startup. Therefore, if no event recording will take place, there is no need to define the CA Datacom MUF for use with ENF as a database. 
In order to utilize ENF without a database, follow these steps:
?  Copy and Edit member ENF from your CAI.CAW0PROC library.  You will notice that there are no references to any CA Datacom libraries in this member.
?  Use the following control options in your ENFPARM member from your CAI.CAW0OPTN dataset: 
The NODB parm will start ENF without the Database.
RECORD(NO) disables the logging of events to the database.  
ARCHIVE(OFF) turns off the automatic ARCHIVE.
Additional Information:
For further details about these parameters, please refer to the CAIENF Control Options described in the
These same CAIENF Control Options are also described in the CA Common Services Documentation wiki.