What steps need to be followed to change the Infoview URL to use IPAddress instead of hostname

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CABI is integrated with Hostname and what steps need to be followed to change the URL to use IP address instead of Hostname
Example : http://SpectrumServer:port/spectrum/repmgr/boInfoView.jsp
Client would like it as http://x.x.x.x:port/spectrum/repmgr/boInfoView.jsp (where x.x.x.x is the ip address)


Follow below steps on OneClick server

Click on Start Button
Click on Run
Type in "cmd"
Command prompt will be opened
Type "bash -l"


In the Unix Terminal
cd %SPECROOT%/mysql/bin

./mysql -uroot -proot reporting;

First taking the backup of the current registry contents into a file called reg.txt under the current directory
tee reg.txt
select * from registry\G

Now follow below steps
Update registry set BOHost="<IP>";
Update registry set CrystalReportsHost="<IP>";
Update registry set DBHost="<IP>";
Update registry set BOInfoView="http://<IP>:<port>/InfoViewApp";
Update registry set BOCmc="http://<IP>:<port>/CmcApp";

Update registry set BOHost="";
Update registry set CrystalReportsHost="";
Update registry set DBHost="";
Update registry set BOInfoView="";
Update registry set BOCmc="";

Now recycle the tomcat service and check.

Note: It is always suggested to take the backup

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