What steps must be taken in order for CA InterTest for CICS to successfully retrieve symbolic information stored with CA Endevor Source Management?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Multiple conditions must be met for the CA Endevor interface to perform correctly.  First, your site must have the INTNDVR option turned on in IN25OPTS by specifying a proc name on the NDVRPROC= parm and specifying NDVRSYM as one of the DD names on the SYMFLE= parm.

Next the program listing being retrieved by CA InterTest for CICS must be a CA Endevor controlled program that contains an NDVR footprint. 

The INTNDVR* proc will only be started if InterTest does not find a matching listing in any of the available protsym files. If a matching listing is not found in any available protsym files and all previously mentioned conditions are met then CA InterTest will use CCI spawn to start the INTDVR*  procedure. 

If a matching listing is found in the available protsym files the INTNDVR* proc will never be started. 

To install CA InterTest for CICS with dynamic symbolic support, the following steps need to be performed:

1.   Edit the INTNDVR proc found  in your CA Testing and Fault  Management common runtime procedure library (cai.CAVHPROC).  Modify it to conform to your installation standards prior to saving it.


2.   Copy the modified proc INTNDVR to a system proclib as member INTNDVRn where n is the CA Endevor SCM C1DFLTS table site id.  A separate proc must be created for each unique Endevor SCM site id. 

     Note: The INTNDVRn procedures require read security access to any load library data sets in which application programs that were created by CA Endevor SCM reside and may require symbolic support for CA InterTest for CICS debugging.  They may also require write security access to any PROTSYM files they may populate.


3.  The CA Common Services for z/OS ENF and CCI components must be installed.  ENF is needed to activate the CCI spawn parameters for CA InterTest for CICS dynamic symbolic support of Endevor SCM.


4.  Add the CCI Spawn parameters for the CA InterTest for CICS dynamic support feature to the JCL procedure used to start CA ENF.  In order to automate this step for CA CSM, use the 'ACTION' button to change it from a manual to automatic operation prior to releasing it at implementation.  

     In order to perform this step manually, add the following DD statement to the //SPNPARMS DD of your ENF procedure:    

     //               DD    DISP=SHR,DSN=cai.CAVHSAMP(INDVSPWN) 


5.  Refresh CA ENF.  Schedule a refresh of CA ENF to activate the CCI Spawn parameters.  The dynamic support feature will not be active until the CA ENF refresh is completed.  


6.  Add an //NDVRSYM DD statement to your CICS startup JCL to specify the PROTSYM file to be used for dynamic loading.



7.  Modify your IN25OPTS to turn on the INTDVR option.  Define a proc name to the NDVRPROC= parm and specify an NDVRSYM DD Name to the SYMFLE= parm to indicate the PROTSYM file to be used for the dynamic symbolic loading. The presence of the NDVRSYM DD Name signals CA InterTest for CICS that the Endevor SCM support is active.  The following example of the SYMFLE parm defines multiple symbolic file DD Names to CA Intertest for CICS in addition to NDVRSYM. Each of these DD Names must also be included in the CICS startup JCL.