What services are associated with the Data Protection Outlook Client

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CA Data Protection endpoint agents are application plug-ins executing on the end user’s workstation ('endpoint computers'). Endpoint agents monitor user activity, collect information, and implement capture and control actions in accordance with policy. Each endpoint agent is parented to a gateway server or directly to the central management server (CMS) itself.  Because all intelligence for identifying triggers and implementing actions is present on the endpoint computer, feedback to the end user (where stipulated by policy) is immediate
What components and services relate to the CA Data Protection Outlook Endpoint Client?
CA Data Protection 14.x/15.x
Several components make up the CA Data Protection Outlook Client implementation.

Outlook COM Addin
The Add-in component "'!ComputerAssociates.CADLP.WgnOutlookAddin" interacts with Microsoft Outlook and is responsible for passing events OnSumbit to the Policy Engine Process for policy application and tagging events as being processed.

WgnCM.exe Process
The "wgncm.exe" process performs two main duties
  • Storage of captured event data - "USER DATA SET" - This object manages all the storage of captured data to the local infrastructure.
  • Management of policy instances from the infrastructure policy interface - "POLICY STORE" - The policy store component in wgncm.exe maintains a single up-to-date copy of the any policies requested by processes running in the context of the wgncm.exe user.
For more information on the WgnCM.exe process please refer to Data Protection - What is "Wgncm.exe"?

Infrastructure and Policy Engine Services.
The CA Data Protection Infrastructure Service manages the communications between the client and its parent. It is responsible for replicating captured data and diagnostic data upstream and pulling policy data downstream. It also manages localized logging. The Policy Engine Service is responsible for the application of policy against mail event data passed from the Outlook COM Addin. 
Additional Information:
Orchestria, CA DLP and DataMinder are previous brand names for the product now known as CA Data Protection.