What processes need to be stopped before installing SPECTRUM or SPECTRUM OneClick? (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31357 )

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The SPECTRUM installer will attempt to shut down all SPECTRUM processes, however there are times when the process may not shut down.  A preventative measure to ensure that the install does not fail because a SPECTRUM process is running would be to verify that the following processes are down prior to a SPECTRUM install (both a major, minor, and hotfix release):

On Windows from the Services area for a SpectroSERVER only machine:

SPECTRUM Process Daemon (processd.exe)

SPECTRUM mysql (mysqld-nt.exe)

Once those Services have shut down, open Windows Task Manager and verify the following processes are not running and if they are, click on them and click End Process:

ArchMgr.exe (If this is running, it needs to be stopped from the SPECTRUM Control Panel)



AlarmNotifier.exe (or any copies of AlarmNotifier)




 If the SpectroSERVER.exe is running, you MUST shut it down properly (generally done through the SPECTRUM Control Panel)


UnicenterNotfier.exe (If you have the Unicenter integration)



Do not shut down the SPECTRUM Remote Admin process (sradmin.exe)


If you have SpectroSERVER and OneClick installed on the same machine, you will need to verify the processes above are shut down as well as the following:

SPECTRUMTomcat (OneClickSerivce.exe)

Make sure there are no java.exe processes running (OneClick clients)


On Solaris and Linux you will want to shut down the SpectroSERVER via the SPECTRUM Control Panel or the StopSS.pl script.  Once they have stopped, navigate to the <SPECROOT>/lib/SDPM directory as the root user and stop the processd with the following command:  ./processd.pl stop

Once that has stopped, verify that the processes listed above for Windows are not running on the machine (the processes do not run as executables, so be sure to leave the .exe off the process name).  The Unix command would be:

./ps -ef - grep -i nameofprocess

For example:

./ps -ef - grep -i telnetd


During the install, SPECTRUM processes will be started.  Do not shut them down during the install as parts of the install require certain SPECTRUM processes to be running.


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