What Powerpacks were removed from the EM installer starting in APM 10.3?

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Last Modified Date : 14/08/2018
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     A Customer is trying to enable Webservices monitoring with APM version HF#50 for a Java application which makes calls to ESB, but cannot find the the SOAcxtensionForWPSandWESB directory under EM_HOME/examples to copy the jar files across to enable SOA monitoring. 

Support has also installed 10.5.x in our test environment and saw that the "SOAExtensionForWPSandWESB" directory is no longer there. We found it still in 10.2 EM. 

  Can you confirm what happened to the Powerpacks?

APM 10.3 and later

Six Powerpacks have been removed from the EM installer starting in APM 10.3.  They will not be available after 10.3.

  1.  WebSphere Powerpack Management Module

  2.  WebLogic Powerpack

  3.  WebSphere Process Server/ESB Powerpack 

  4.  WebLogic Portal Powerpack 

  5.  WebSphere Portal Powerpack 

  6.  SiteMinder Powerpack 

Additional Information:

There are various reasons these PowerPacks were removed: 
-  The features have got into standard monitoring,
- The features were not seen as not a focus area. 

So in some cases, there may not be an alternative with later releases.