What needs to be done to support Record Level Sharing (RLS) for the Solve:Access DataBase (ACDB) file?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What changes are required to use RLS for the ACDB file?



To enable Record Level Sharing (RLS) please review the section 'Enable Record Level Sharing (RLS)' in the 'Solve:Access Administration Guide'. 

Below is a snippet from the manual.

Note: For complete information about configuring a parallel sysplex for VSAM RLS support, see the DFSMSdfp Storage Administration Reference.

All regions that are part of the CA SOLVE:Access VTAM generic resource group use the CA SOLVE:Access database.

To enable RLS:

  1. Ensure that VSAM RLS processing is available in your parallel sysplex.

  2. Ensure that the Log(NONE) parameter was specified in the DEFINE CLUSTER or the ALTER CLUSTER command for the data set.

    A cache set must be specified on the storage class, and at least one of the associated CF cache structures must be available.
    Your storage administrator should be able to assist you in selecting the proper storage class for RLS.

  3. Ensure that the RLS VSAM Option is set in the $AC ACDB parameter group.

    If this region was previously running with LSR, update to RLS and restart your region for the change to come into effect.
    You can also specify other options such as EXIT=NO.

Note: The ACDB is used for Session Definition information and Global Session Maintenance Search Criteria. In a VTAM generic resource environment, this file is also used for Disconnect and Single Sign-on user tracking.

If you specified to register this region to a VTAM generic resource during region setup, then the fields are already set to the correct value.