CA Gen load module support compliance with mix of older releases

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Last Modified Date : 08/02/2019
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What needs to be done to make a load module compliant with CA/Broadcom Gen Support when it is mixed with older releases?  Such as a mixture of the releases listed below:

v4.x & 5.x    'STERLING SOFTWARE' 
v6.5             'ADVANTAGE(TM) GEN 6.5'
r7.6              'ALLFUSION(R) GEN R7.6'  
r8.0              'GEN R8'
r8.5              'CA GEN 8.5'

Also take into account that RI Triggers were generated with the oldest release listed above when the model was created and updated for new triggers throughout the later releases.
We have a load module containing Gen v4, v5, 6.5, r7.6, 8.0, and 8.6.  All of the v4 & v5 modules are triggers.  What needs to be done to an executable to make it compliant with the Gen Support?
If the load module works standalone, GREAT!.  If it calls or called by another module, then that opens up other scenarios.  One would be if the compatibility feature is used.  The triggers were installed prior to Gen r7.6 so they were not genned as DLLs and non-DLLs which would support calls TO and FROM each type of module.  To be supported, modules would need to be installed in a supported release pulling in the currently supported Gen runtimes, supported LE, and supported DB2 version modules.  The triggers are OK to run if the module is executed standalone.  Unpredictable results may occur when running mixed Gen release applications.  

Support will help determine the problem should abends occur.  However, no fixes are available for end-of-service releases.  We will ask the customer to reinstall (regen, compile, link, bind) parts or all of the run-unit in a supported release to see if it resolves the problem.  This may include triggers and action blocks.  If an error is encountered, SE/Development will fix or determine a work-around in the supported release.