What library does the CAIMAC variable refer to in the IVPSIX01 sample JCL member?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Install Verification Procedure job IVPSIX01 has a number of JCL variables that must be populated with the names of the relevant system and product libraries:


//* Please set following variables before submitting the job:
//*        #HLQ#                                             
//*        - For the new data sets created by this job       
//         SET IMSRESLB=                                     
//*        - IMS resident library                            
//         SET MACLIB=                                       
//*        - MVS macro library                               
//         SET IMSMACLB=                                     
//*        - IMS macro library                               
//         SET SORTLIB=                                      
//*        - System sort library                             
//         SET CLOADLIB=                                     
//*        - CA load library                                 
//         SET CAIMAC=                                       
//*        - CA macro library

The CAIMAC CA Macro Library refers to the CIMTSAMP product sample library.

Examples for all the libraries are as follows:

IMSRESLB='IMSESA.SDFSRESL',  IMS resident library 
MVSMACLB='SYS1.MACLIB',  MVS macro library
SORTLIB='SYS1.SORTLIB',  MVS sort library
CAIMAC='CAI.CIMTSAMP',  CA macro library