What is the version of CA ROSCOE compatible with z/OS v2.1

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I'm running CA Roscoe 6.0, 0612 and upgrading z/OS to v2.1.  Is CA Roscoe 6.0, 0612 compatible with z/OS v2.1?




CA Roscoe 6.0, 0612 is compatible with z/OS v2.1 with the following required fixes applied.  

See RI64174  

The following CA Roscoe r6.0 SP09 solutions are required for             
 z/OS 2.1:                                                                
 QO86180, QO92100, QO94870, RO02522, RO04636, RO14017, RO22957,           
 RO35430 RO65153 RO72137 RO77806 RO82737 RO82728 RO82693 and RO84001.     

 HARDWARE/DEVICE COMPATIBILITY:                                           
 Sites that utilize datasets with more than 99999 tracks                  
 should review and apply solution QO86150 for information                 
 on tracks being displayed.                                               

 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS/NOTES:                                              
 IBM APAR OA48330 addresses an intermittent display problem and should be 

 The new system product level in ROSGBL                                   
 for MVSSPL and JESSPL is ZOS210.                                         

     After applying the solution(s) to support z/OS 2.1 clients must      
     reassemble the ROSGBL and ROSJES2XT. Refer to the CA Roscoe          
     6.0 MVS System Reference Guide for more information.                 
     The CA Roscoe startup message, ROS148I, should reflect               
     a new MACRO DATE of 08/12/15 or later.  (RO84001)                    

Additional Information:

You can sign on to support online for information on the compatibility of CA Roscoe and all release of z/OS.

Click on Product Page
Enter CA Roscoe under Support by Product 
Click on Compatibilities under Quick Access on the right hand side of the page
Click on z/OS Compatibility under Mainframe Environment on the right side of the page
Type CA Roscoe under Search By Product Name on the z/OS Compatibility Matrix page
Scroll down until you see the release of z/OS you are installing