What is the Top Secret command to allow CA1 CACMD(L0UPDTE)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A tape is considered to be externally managed if:

1) It is created through an authorized program (APF authorized), and the program is linked AC=1, and

2) It matches the selection criteria for one of the External Data Manager IDs (EDMID) specified in the TMOEDMxx member of CAI.PPOPTION. 3592 WORM cartridges are never selected for the EDM interface because they cannot be scratched. EDM criteria should not be defined for data sets created on WORM tapes. An EDMID is a 4-character field that is stored in the TMC volume record to identify which EDM controls that tape. Command Processing (CMD) 
In paragraph 2 add L0UPDTE and L0PTRS to the list of command in the first sentence. 

6.4.2 Defining Resource Rules 
Add (L0UPDTE) and (L0PTRS) to the list of resources. 

6.5 eTrust CA-Top Secret Security Setup