What is the ROSID and when is it used?

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What is the ROSID and when is it used?


The ROSID is a unique four-character Roscoe code which identifies each Roscoe in a system. The ROSID is defined to Roscoe via the "ROSID=" sysin parameter. The first character must be an alphabetic or a national character, the remaining three characters may be alphanumeric.

The ROSID is used in the Job Completion Notify facility. The notify parameter on the job statement is specified as "NOTIFY=codepfx" where code is the ROSID and pfx is the user's prefix. See section 17.2 of the CA Roscoe System Reference Guide for more detail.

ROSID is inserted into the user's recoverable SAVAWSnn member. This is done so that SAVAWSnn members are treated individually at sites running multiple CA-Roscoe's and sharing a single CA Roscoe library. Refer to Section Chapter 13 of the CA Roscoe User Guide for more information about the SAVAWS feature.

The ROSID is an optional requirement of the security system. The resource names used for CA Roscoe commands are preceded by the optional variable ROSID. This variable determines the CA Roscoe system affected by the security call. If you run more than one CA Roscoe system, each system must have a unique ROSID. Specifying the ROSID with the resource determines which CA-Roscoe will be protected. This enables your site to run multiple CA Roscoe's at different security levels. Refer to the CA Roscoe Security Administration Guide Chapter 2 Resource Names.

The ROSID is required when initializing the console oprcmd feature. See section CMD Subcommand 2.4.2 of the CA Roscoe Systems Commands Guide.

The CA Roscoe XTPM feature allows users to run TSO, CICS or even another CA Roscoe under the current Roscoe. If transferring control to another CA Roscoe, the ROSID is used to determine which Roscoe is to receive that control. See Appendix B Install XTPM of the CA Roscoe Installation Guide for installation instructions. See Section CA Roscoe From CA Roscoe  of the CA Roscoe User Guide for user instructions.

Additional Information:

If you want to use the rosid, make sure that you have RO58078 ADD SUPPORT FOR PASSTICKET applied that includes functionality previously provided with special apar LS35357 which provided the CA-ROSCOE APPLID to RACF security.