What is the purpose of option "-a" when running "cybAgent -a " on Unix or Linux machines.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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For ESP v11.3 agents on Unix and/or Linux, we have some installations using the following start command:

./cybAgent -a

Note that this isn't what's documented in the ESP System Agent 11.3 guide.

The official doc. says:

./cybAgent &

And the doc. says that the "-a" flavor is only for Windows.

However, our *nix systems using the "-a" startup parameter appear to be working correctly, but I can't find any *nix-specific documentation on that parameter. I can't find any documentation for "cybAgent" parameters.

What is the meaning of the "-a" parm for *nix, and is there any documentationon this?


Even if it is not documented, to ensure compatibility and to be consistent among the different platforms, cybAgent -a can also be used to start the agenton Unix and Linux platforms