What is the proper way to recover from a B37 in the SMRWTR task?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It seems the SMRWTR task will take multiple B37 ABENDs before hanging up with this 

SMR611I PLRDALNW R/C = 970C0000 - DSN = HLQ....SYSLOG.SMRnnnnnn              

Recommended procedure.

1. Stop SMR activity (SMR task and user retrievals).                
2. Locate the dataset name of the daily file in error.              
   (EX. Daily file: CAI.SMR02157).                                  
3. Rename the daily file in error  (CAI.SMR02157 to                 
4. Allocate a new Daily file (CAI.SMR02157) with larger             
   space allocation using CAI.SMR02157.OLD for the DCB model        
    (use ISPF or batch processing).                                 
5. Copy CAI.SMR02157.OLD data to the new CAI.SMR02157 using a       
   simple IEBGENER step.                                            
6. Run customized version of CAPLWTR that only executes the         
   last two steps (SMRCLCT and SMREND). Hard code the name of the   
   input HOLD file DSN or GDG generation on the //SMRRDER DD        
   statement. Remove the &CLASL symbolic from the proc JCL.         
   Running this modified 2 step version of CAPLWTR will move the    
   data from the HOLD file into the new larger Daily file.          
7. To increase the size of future daily files, define new primary   
   (PRIMRY=n) and secondary (SECDRY=n) parameters                   
   (see p.5-20 to 5-22 of Install Guide).                           
8. Repeat step 6 until all unprocessed HOLD files have been moved   
   into their appropriate daily files.                              
9. Restart SMR. If the size of the HOLD file needs to be increased,  
   modify the //IEFRDER  DD statement SPACE parameter in the standard
   CAPLWTR proc.