What Is the Proper Way To Delete Data from the NimsoftSLM Database

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Last Modified Date : 21/02/2019
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We have found that we have data, in our NimsoftSLM database, for robots and probes that we have removed. How can we get rid of that data?



The recommended way to delete data and objects from the database is by using the SLM portlet. The Nimsoft database has many dependencies built into various scripts, constraints and stored procedures. That makes it very difficult for delete data with a standard SQL query. To make sure you do not damage your data base please follow this procedure:
  1. Open the SLM portlet
  2. Select Tool / Database Status
  3. You can either filter, or cancel the filter to view all of your data
  4. Select the object you want to delete
  5. Select the drop down arrow and click on Delete objects
You can select multiple rows before the deletion.
Be aware that deleting data this way can take a very long time. This is normal.
As references above, a delete causes many steps to be performed.