What is the proper value for the CA OPS/MVS PROCESS parameter?

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What is the proper value for the CA OPS/MVS PROCESS parameter?


To determine a proper value to set for the PROCESS parameter, which determines how many PROCESS BLOCKS to allocate at product initialization, can vary from site to site. We default to a value of 30 if the PROCESS parameter is not specifically modified within the OPSSPAxx initialization parameter list.

Tuning the subsystem after the initial startup can be performed by the monitoring of the CA OPS/MVS parameter value SSEXEXITHICOUNT which can be viewed via the 4.1.1 OPSVIEW panel and filtering on this panel in the NAME field of SSEXEXIT will show other related relevant parameters including the HIGHDATE, HIGHTIME and FAILURES along with the HICOUNT. The HIGHDATE and HIGHTIME will show when the most recent spike in usage of the Process blocks had occurred which will allow you to determine via debugging techniques using the OPSLOG for this time frame what AOF rules or other CA OPS/MVS type of processing was in use and perhaps you could rework some of the automation in place to reduce this workload. If the SSEXEXITHICOUNT is equivalent to your PROCESS parameter value then you should be concerned about the possibility of process block depletion which could lead to automation processes or routines not functioning.

The PROCESS block uses private storage allocated to the product and the amount of storage obtained per process block allocated is dependent upon various parameter values set within the product including the AOFMAXQUEUE, AOFSIZE, STACKMAIN and STACKERROR. You can use the CA OPS/MVS Storage Simulation, Option 4.1.6 from the OPSVIEW Primary Options Menu, to see storage changes based on certain parameter changes. (You need to have OPSEXEC allocated to your TSO session).

The significance of the 4.1.6 panel is that this is a simulated storage usage display for CA OPS/MVS and being that this is a simulation panel in which the contents of this panel are CA OPS/MVS parameters and they can be manipulated on this panel without effecting the product. (This is not a dynamic change to the CA OPS/MVS address space). A common usage would be to change the PROCESS parameter value on this panel and you can note what kind of impact this would have on the TOTAL value at the bottom of the panel. To understand this panel display, the bottom line would be how much storage is available to this address space which is represented at the bottom of the panel by the display only LIMIT parameter which is also representative of the 2 gig storage available to any address space, and of this LIMIT value showing what storage is available the TOTAL parameter is representative of that available amount in which CA OPS/MVS is grabbing. By changing the parameter values on this page will give you an idea of how much of the available storage is being consumed to use as a comparison with the current values.

You could also set up a Time of Day rule to follow the process block activity.



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