What is the proper entry for the Flow State field to in order for the export to work?

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Last Modified Date : 28/02/2018
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Trying to export Blocks to Agile Central as a User Story. The required mappings are done.  However, the import fails, returning a notification that 'FlowState contains invalid input'. Although a variety of ARD fields were mapped into the Flow State field, but the same notification was generated, this includes creating a custom field and setting its default value to a valid value in Agile Central (e.g. Idea).  What needs to be placed into the Flow State field to in order for the export to work?
The User Story’s FlowState attribute accepts reference links to FlowState objects showed in the "Attribute Valid Values" dropdown list. It needs to be mapped to a custom field holding a reference link to one of these objects as a default value.  It is possible to obtain one of them by checking the Flow State attribute of the parent item we try to export to.
To display the Flow State attribute of our parent item we need to follow the reference link of the "parent" attribute from the sent JSON message that caused an error.
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In our case it is the following link:
Once we have opened it in a browser we should receive a JSON message representing the parent. The "FlowState" attribute holds "_ref" attribute with the reference link we look for. Keep in mind the message might not be formatted as on the screenshot below, depending on the browser used.
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This link needs to be copied and pasted to the appropriate "Default Value" field in Block Custom Fields. The custom field holding that value needs to be mapped to the FlowState attribute of User Story entity.
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It is worth mentioning that the FlowState objects are shared among the items within the same project. Every new project needs its own custom field mapped to FlowState attribute in ARD as new FlowState objects are generated and the procedure needs to be repeated.