What is the procedure to specify a RUN REF statement with External dependencies?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  1. Run a SADGEN report for a timeframe that includes when the External job is scheduled. If the External job is outside the scope of the reporting period it will not be found on the SAD file and resolved by ESP.

  2. Specify SADLINK as an Init Parm (or issue as an ESP command). It is used to assign an identifier to the SAD file created by the SADGEN e.g. SADLINK SAD1 DATASET('MY.SAD.FILE')

  3. Issue a SADLOAD command to refresh an in-memory table with information contained in the SAD file e.g. SADLOAD SAD1. This command should be issued whenever the SAD file changes, so it is often included as an extra step within the SADGEN job.

  4. Specify the RESOLVE statement in the Application where the RUNREF appears e.g. RESOLVE SAD1. This allows ESP to read the in-memory copy of the SAD file, determine when the external job is scheduled to run and implicitly add it to the job that has the External as a dependency.

This Frequently Asked Question applies to all supported releases of ESP Workload Manager beginning with 5.3.