CA PPM: How can we find a financial transaction?

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Last Modified Date : 21/08/2018
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We cannot find the financial transaction to adjust or reverse it.

What does the PPA_WIP.status mean and what can the user do from the UI?


If an existing transaction needs to be adjusted or reversed, you can do so by going to:
Home > Financial Management > Create WIP Adjustment
Find the transaction that needs to be adjusted or reversed by providing any of the criteria presented on the filter section.
Once you find the transaction you can adjust it or reverse it.
Once changes done, please approve the adjustment through 
Home > Financial Management > Approve WIP Adjustment

Here is an explanation of the statuses.

1. After the 'Post-to-WIP' job is ran, the PPA_WIP.status = 0 (no adjustment)

2. After a 'Create WIP Adjustment'

PPA_WIP.status = 1 (initial adjustment) 
PPA_WIP.status = 4 (subsequent,updated adjustment)

3. After an 'Approve WIP Adjustment'

PPA_WIP.status = 2 (reversed) . This also applies to adjusted transactions.

When a transaction is adjusted, the PPA_WIP.transno and PPA_WIP.applyto values will be different because the applyto value will point to the corresponding record with the adjusted amount)

4. After the 'Reverse' button is clicked

PPA_WIP.status = 4 (waiting for WIP approval)

After approving the WIP Adjustment for a reversed transaction, the PPA_WIP.status = 2 and the PPA_WIP.transno and PPA_WIP.applyto values are the same because there is no corresponding record for display. A WIP reversal removes the transaction from the Financial Module and creates a record in the PAC_IMP_ACTUALS_EXPORT table for updating the project when the 'Import Financial Actuals' job executes. A 'reversed' transaction is no longer visible in the application user interface.


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