CA PPM: How can we find a financial transaction?

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Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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We cannot find the financial transaction to adjust or reverse it.

What does the PPA_WIP.status mean and what can the user do from the UI?


Here is an explanation of the statuses.

1. After the 'Post-to-WIP' job is ran, the PPA_WIP.status = 0 (no adjustment)

2. After a 'Create WIP Adjustment'

PPA_WIP.status = 1 (initial adjustment) 
PPA_WIP.status = 4 (subsequent,updated adjustment)

3. After an 'Approve WIP Adjustment'

PPA_WIP.status = 2 (reversed) . This also applies to adjusted transactions.

When a transaction is adjusted, the PPA_WIP.transno and PPA_WIP.applyto values will be different because the applyto value will point to the corresponding record with the adjusted amount)

4. After the 'Reverse' button is clicked

PPA_WIP.status = 4 (waiting for WIP approval)

After approving the WIP Adjustment for a reversed transaction, the PPA_WIP.status = 2 and the PPA_WIP.transno and PPA_WIP.applyto values are the same because there is no corresponding record for display. A WIP reversal removes the transaction from the Financial Module and creates a record in the PAC_IMP_ACTUALS_EXPORT table for updating the project when the 'Import Financial Actuals' job executes. A 'reversed' transaction is no longer visible in the application user interface.