What is the name of the USS product directory for the CA IMS Tools?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When installing the CA Database Management Solution for IMS for z/OS using a Pax file, a product directory is created in the same USS directory structure as the Pax file. The product directory name reflects the release level as follows:

IMTr0x0              r represents the release number [g for release 16, I for release 18 and so on]

                          x represents the release life cycle phase [B for BETA/INCREMENTAL, G for General Availability (GA)]


For example:

The r16 GA release product directory is named IMTG0G0.

The r18 incremental release product directory is named IMTI0B0.


This product directory includes the installation files for the entire CA Database Management Solutions suite for IMS which includes the following products:       

CA Compress Data Compression for IMS  

CA Secondary Index                    

CA Database Copier                    

CA Database Analyzer                  

CA Database Organizer                 

CA Mainframe Program Restart Manager  

CA Mainframe Extended Terminal Manager

CA Mainframe Configuration Manager    

CA Secondary Index Builder            

CA High Performance Recovery          


The directory will also include the README file and sample UNZIP JCL which is required to copy the installation files to Z/OS datasets. The README file contains product-specific details required to complete the installation.