What is the meaning of the message "No such service: snmp-trap(or: snmptrap)/udp, using 162" in the Scheduler log?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A message that says "No such service: snmp-trap(or: snmptrap)/udp, using 162" appears in the Scheduler log after every alarm is generated. What does this message mean and what can be done to stop it?


When WAAE is configured to send snmp traps for alarms, it will look at the /etc/services file to find out what port should be used to send the trap. It will look for an entry that looks like...

snmptrap 162/udp snmp-trap # Traps for SNMP

If that entry is not there, WAAE assumes that the port is 162 and uses that to send the traps.

This action takes place every time an alarm is generated in WAAE and a trap needs to be sent. To stop this message from appearing in the Scheduler log, the "snmptrap" entry above would need to be added to