What is the meaning of ExpiDate and ExpiTime in Object VISIVTVS

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Last Modified Date : 10/09/2018
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In Vantage object (VISIVTVS)IBM TS7700 Volume Status Information there are two fields

   Expire Date
      If delete-expired, this time represents when it
      was deleted.

   Expire Time

What do these fields exactly mean?
As part of normal processing in a TS7700 Virtualization Engine, a customer can specify that
after a certain period of time after being returned to scratch, the contents of a volume can be
deleted. The ExpiDate and ExpiTime fields contain Date and Time when the volume can be deleted.
The related field in the VTS GUI display is "Earliest Deletion On".

Additional Information:
NOTE: Vantage APAR ST05185 is required to fix a problem with incorrect Date Values
in Object (VISIVTVS) IBM TS7700 Volume Status Information