What is the latest version, and what sequence should we upgrade the products CA Datacom/DB, CA IPC, CA Ideal, and CA Datacom CICS Services at version 14.0?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In our current environment, we have version 14.0 of these products:

  • CA Datacom/DB
  • CA Ideal
  • CA IPC
  • CA Datacom CICS Services

We want to upgrade to all the latest releases of these products.


What is the latest version, and how should I plan and sequence these upgrades?


First, we would recommend that you upgrade the products in this order:

  1. CA Datacom/DB
  2. CA IPC together with CA Ideal
  3. CA Datacom CICS Services

There is no need to hurry between these products (other than CA IPC and CA Ideal, which should be done together); so you can be sure that you have a good upgrade before moving on to the next product. Also, while some clients like to upgrade on a weekend, if you upgrade during normal work hours, you have all the resources of the support team and our R&D team available much more quickly if you have a problem - this is something to consider to help you be successful.

Also, note that the upgrade process with CA Datacom/DB version 15.x now uses something called an "Active Upgrade" feature, which allows you to upgrade your CA Datacom/DB product without having an outage. Here is what the documentation says:

In prior releases, CA Datacom® presented different strategies to upgrade a CXX from one release to the next. All of them required an outage for the conversion.

Version 15.x completely removes the outage. Version 15.x supports a CXX initialized and used as Version 14.0. In fact, 15.x can only initialize a CXX as Version 14.0. There is no such thing as a CXX set as 15.x.

The new process employs few changes to the CXX between Versions 14.0 and 15.x. The full CXX options are compatible between the two releases. However, options known only to Version 15.x are ignored if Version 14.0 code is executing.

There is much more about this in the section linked above, and I would recommend you review this to see how it can help your upgrade go more smoothly.

Now, here are the latest versions:

  • CA Datacom/DB: version 15.1
  • CA Datacom CICS Services: version 15.0 
  • CA IPC: version 15.0 
  • CA Ideal: version 15.0 

Then, regarding other compatibilities:

CA Datacom/DB version 15.1: 

  • z/OS 1.13 or higher (note that 1.13 will be EOS on 30 September 2016)
  • CICS: TS 4.1 or higher (note that 4.1 will be EOS on 30 September 2017)

CA IPC version 15.0:

  • CICS: TS 3.2 or higher (note that 3.2 is already EOS; 4.1 is recommended)
  • Note that CA Ideal should be updated with CA IPC

CA Ideal version 15.0:

  • CICS: TS 3.2 or higher (note that 3.2 is already EOS; 4.1 is recommended)
  • CA Datacom/DB version 15.x is required before upgrading CA Ideal

Next, before you start, and once you have downloaded these products, we strongly recommend that you apply all maintenance to the product before starting the installation and customization.

You should also be sure to review the README file for each product to ensure you have the latest updates to the process.

CA Datacom/DB: 

CA Datacom CICS Services: 


CA Ideal: 

Finally, all of the documentation for these products is available via the CA Docops website (docops.ca.com):

CA Datacom/DB: 

CA Datacom CICS Services & CA IPC & CA Ideal: 

This information should help you be successful with your upgrade of these CA Datacom products.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.