What is the function of the following Workload/Job Management processes: cau9mtr, cau8trk, cau9lcs, cau9lcd, cau9dcm, cau9wbr, cau9cli, cau9sat, cau9en2 & cau9ctk

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document describes the function of the above-mentioned Workload/Job Management processes on both Workload Manager and Workload Agent systems.


Workload Manager

  • cau9mtr: Main task driver. Each task of the Workload component is driven by this process. In charge of job submission to the Workload Agent (to cau9cli).

  • cau8trk: Job tracker (Monitor Tracking Task). It receives data from the Workload Agent (via cau9ctk - Event Manager), writes to the tracking file (via dbserver) and sends the messages to console.

  • cau9lcs: Command server. Requested by the cautil and GUI for all the options and definitions stored in the Woarkload database (CASHDB). All the updates to the datadabse are done via dbserver.

  • cau9lcd: Display server. It dispatches the commands received from the GUI to the display daemons (cau9dcm) for processing.

  • cau9dcm: Display daemons. Maximum 10. Number of concurrent daemons is fixed by the environment variable CAISCHD0024.

  • cau9wbr: Station server daemon. It manages stations and calendars.

Workload Agent

  • cau9cli: Agent process which sends jobqueue event to the Event Logger (cau9en2.exe) for logging. It waits for confirmation from cau9en2 before submitting a job. Then it forks a cau9sat.exe to execute the submission file. In TNG 2.4.x, there is only one cau9cli.exe running. In NSM 3.x, the number of cau9cli.exe processes running is determined by the environment variable, CAISCHD0045.

  • cau9sat: Job submission process in charge of monitoring the application program to completion. There will be one cau9sat processes running for every job.

  • cau9en2: Event logger. It is the interface program launched by the job manager that gathers information from ENF. When information is received, it is written to the checkpoint file.

  • cau9ctk: Workload event manager. The information stored in the checkpoint file is read by this process and then forwarded to job tracker (cau8trk) via CCI.

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